Wednesday, August 13, 2014


All caps.  This will be the title of an exhibition of my work at the University of Texas School of Architecture (UTSOA) this October.  Opening date is the 20th and it will be in the Mebane Gallery in Goldsmith Hall thru November 21.  I'm going to talk about my work at 5pm on the 20th, specifically in the company of architecture students, faculty, and alumni, about the values of analog artistry (versus the evils of computer-aided rendering).

Architect as visionary.  Less is more.  Spirituality in the materiality.  High-brow sensationalism of 20th century modernism, brutalism, deconstructivism  etc.  Examining the interplay of light and water, watercolor’s expression/inherent imprecision against the more rigid, angular, systemic character of urbanity. 

Here's a watercolor by Louis Kahn (below). One who epitomized the disciplinarian and visionary, but with a soft side.


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