Thursday, July 10, 2014

used, good

The 70’s birthed me and took me thru age 7.  It was time dressed in plaid overalls hungry for leisure.  I feel it was simply a wonderful time to be born.  For those departing during those years however, exiting a distasteful party perhaps, it might have seemed like our world had unraveled.  

Worlds apart.  Here’s a good article about disparity.

Things I think about while painting something like this:  
Water above and below as in a three-tiered universe. Avoiding (not thinking about) the particulars of what i've chosen to paint now because it will be much more interesting to me later after I've painted it.  I'm just not feeling energized enough today to be a capitalist, though hopefully, with the right opportunity, I will tomorrow.

George Billis Gallery is hosting two summer group shows in his new and bigger location just across the street from where he used to be.  "Industrial Beauty".
July 24 is the opening reception.

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