Thursday, January 29, 2015

sitting and staring

Stepping back, closing an eye, holding up a mirror, a thumb.

I've been painting in the dark to allow chance to select a color from my palette. 

I remember someone in Budapest twenty years ago.  At the Goethe Institute cafe a woman entered and sat smiling.  A stranger, I still managed to ask her why she was smiling.  She described how she was visiting Budapest because it was her favorite city.  (Her other favorite was Reykjavik.)  A city can be a pleasure, a taste like that of an ice cream cone.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a certain shyness concealed

The liquor pours and drunkenness begins.  I yearn for this fluid state when boundaries are diminished, when words are spoken more freely.  The state of our inner lives that is normally concealed is brought out into the open.  


Portraiture is upon me, the ultimate facade that I aim to explore more of in 2015.  

This is the last week to view a holiday group show at the Davis Gallery in Austin.  Go visit it offline now.