Monday, November 21, 2011


Just back from NY.  And because I'm one who does not possess a strong familiarity with that mega-town I don't mean that lightly.  Yes, I am back home, but I've needed to decompress before flipping through photographs from the long weekend of spectacular sunlight-rich, eye-candy weather.  Many things going on.  But eye of the tornado is stillness.

First, a painting I felt needed revisiting will be on display at Davis Gallery in Austin for their holiday show, along with a few others.

 And Hooks Epstein Galleries in Houston will host a group show for which I've submitted a painting based loosely on "all my friends are going to be strangers" by Larry McMurtry.  It is an interior that I worked on for more than 12 months.

While strolling about patrician upper east side, we found the Ezra Jack Keats exhibit at the Jewish Museum.  Such the masterful creator of the mood.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The Spanish used to refer to this part of Tejas as Comancheria, a place they themselves were driven away from. Inhabitants, it seems, have to be extra tough to live here.  The landscape burns and the air is hazy with smoke.  It is nearly Autumn, not in the soft sound of foliage, only in the fadedness of the sunlight.

Writing about Autumn is pure Autumn.  Here is someone else who is excited about the encroaching temperateness.

And if anyone should panic and flee northward to see some sugar maples, visit the William J. Bachman Gallery in northwest Indiana's South Shore Arts.  I've had three paintings accepted for the 68th annual Salon Show, the one juried exhibition I choose to participate in each year.

Friday, June 17, 2011

heat cloud

One hundred and four degrees are flocking to our drought.  The cloud arrives mid morning and wilts everything except my desert willows.  These young and verdant trees, not willows at all, drink away the pure heat.  Then there is the tomatillo, another heat drunkard, who looks to be promising me much fruit.  Is there a better word than "tomatillo"?

A welcomed congratulations from this precious publication, issue no.96 (american west region), due out in October.

And the blogger tenwordsandoneshot invited me to participate in his projekt.  It says, let's look at the paintings later, after we see the stinky artist in their cave.

This is a good example of where we might submerge ourselves, out of sight from the blistering sun of Texas Summer.  Are there any snakes in The Brazos River?...which means "arms" ... of God.

Monday, May 2, 2011


It has been a week since the passing of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  Sai Baba, as he was more commonly known, was a being of light whose life shined in such stark contrast to that of another leader whose death is marked by today's date.  I'd rather not reference this second leader.

Darkness and lightness has held my interest for the past year, and the manner in which paint can illustrate these qualities.  More specifially, I've been interested in the opposing natures of watercolor and oil, how they layer in an opposite fashion, and how light is absence in one and substance in the other .

These are some magazines who have been generous in featuring my work over the past few months.  American Art Collector (shown here at the bottum) can be purchased off the shelf of most big book stores, but you better hurry as many are shutting their doors.
For a copy of Aspekt Ratio you can visit Berlin, and for UNO magazine stop by Barcelona.

And don't forget about Davis Gallery of Austin.  May 14th from 7-9 pm is the opening of a six-week-long show of my new work and that of David Leonard.  Here is a new painting by David Leonard.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I made a decision six months ago to begin working with a company who possesses one of the largest digital scanners on the planet.  They may, in fact, someday scan the planet.

Already I can tell that there is great potential with doing more than "reproducing" images.  And after playing around with some ideas, I now find myself  in a series of watercolors whose final creative step is executed by the machine.

vhcle magazine has been generous in featuring my work in their latest issue.  Check it out:

Monday, January 24, 2011


Let this be my place to exhibit work that is still wet.  Wet because it's either new or because it's oil paint. 

No, I am not saying goodbye to watercolor.  Just another tool in the new workshed, which happens to be the place above the garage that I call my studio.  For over a year it has been large enough for me to work on a few paintings at once.  I'll post some watercolors next time.

Here is a work by Chris Palmer:

After watching "between the folds" last week, I suggested to Andrea that she too may be wired to practice origami.  And then Jack told me about how someone has recently discovered a way to fold paper (or anything) in half more than the previous record of twelve times. 

Here is a photo by Leon Alesi.  He also likes vanishing points.