Friday, June 12, 2020

house home

We use the word house and home interchangeably.  As in, "they're building a spec home next to their house."  But a home is singular to each of us, while we can surround ourselves with many houses.  We build ourselves a home, mostly one that is emotional, while we construct houses for others.

My mother points out the nice houses to me in mid-sentence as we drive to point B.  "Now that's a nice one right there."  A nice house to my mother is one that is neat and tidy.  She also points out which ones need a lot of work.

I would guess that altogether I have lived in 30-40 different places that I would call home.  The number would probably double if I were to include those places whose couches I slept on for spans of weeks when I was younger (below).  My house in Hungary (above) is for rent to others on Airbnb.  ( ).  Though I have spent only a number of summer vacations under its roof, I have an emotional connection to it and think of this house as our true home.  All I need to do is view a few photos of it from time to time.  Pastoral ideas come to mind and calm me.  Like I'm home.
My son and my dad at the dinner table together.  We're living together, all of us since Covid, just eating dinners together mostly.  But life does seem to be one big dinner, either preparing for or cleaning up.

Sometimes we are given live performances on the patio.

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