Wednesday, August 2, 2017


There were a few parts missing from the order, so I had to drive into north Austin with orders to return promptly.  This allowed me no time for experiencing any of the fun of the vibrant metropolis.  There was no time for doing lunch with friends.  No time for Peter Pan mini golf.  I was able only to veer off of the highway, and to slowly circle a round-about beside my wife's office.  By doing this I could wave toward the second level corner office.  My kids were inside that office today with their mommy, and they waved back, reportedly.  I couldn't see them through the office building's tinted glass.  They saw me.  They told me over the phone.  

Summer's end approaches.  As a nonTejano I scan the horizon for this season change every year.  The light changes always, but this one change I detected last week.  It is autumn.  And though it's still months away from fully landing, I know it's coming and I feel hope once again.

My strategies for entertaining the kids with an unforgettable summer have run out.  By strategies I mean that I mostly expect them to entertain themselves.  But this has devolved into tv binging, or as in today's case, adventuring with mommy to mommy's office.  Today they were able to see my white van circle below, to see me smiling and waving.  I told them they looked like they were having a blast.


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    1. i enjoy your updates with iconography. seems you've gotten to know london quite well. let's have lunch soon.

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