Monday, June 12, 2017


The journey to and through New York city was full of whispers.  I felt deep in thought while I steered a group of 12 from here to there.  I unplugged while I looked both ways at each intersection and held the hands of my children.  

The installation of my work at George Billis is perfect.  He has two rooms.  The first room is visible.  The second room has to be found.  My work is in the second room.  
(The above is in July's "American Art Collector" magazine.)

I tried to convince my daughter that the broadway "cats" might be enjoyed just as well in another american city...that since we had so many options why not see something, anything else?  

But thanks to the sure footedness of my daughter it remains the highlight of my trip.   Old Deuteronomy comforted me, reminded me in-between his lines of the journey's purpose: to wait in line for discounted tkts, to visit the oracle at the met, and to say wow to the empire state building.

To have my sister there in attendance was the best.

And to visit my father's upper east side childhood memories, to meet Alec Purves, a fantastic watercolor artist.  More importantly, a friend my dad hasn't seen in 50 years.  A great trip.


  1. Congratulations on your shows and articles :) Your painting are wonderful amd musings are delightful !