Thursday, January 19, 2017


Living room, as in space for living.  Surprised I was not familiar with the concept.  Read about this in a book gifted to me by my wife, not this year, last year.  A book that is dark history and that I read and discuss really only with myself, or those whom I know won't judge me.

Germans needed more space, like, you know, for an empire.  They at least thought they did.  In fact, Germans prefer intimate spaces.  Low ceilings, breakfast nooks, tight pants. If you're German and you do not, then you are rebelling, which is ok.

I've been crouched behind my computer for three days straight.  Writing.  In a hallway within a small house.  It's a cave for my withdrawal.  And I feel a need for such a hiding place.  But I feel it's served its purpose as I near this assignment's end.

Last weekend in Houston's Hooks Epstein was wonderful.  My kids are old enough to want to attend my openings, if only for the last 30 minutes.  They are hoping to join me in NY for June 1 opening at George Billis.  We'll see.

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