Tuesday, December 8, 2015


When it no longer appears to me as something that I'd have conceived, then I know it's turned the right corner.

Andi St.Leger, my dear spouse, is running for district judge of the 421st district court. (Wow.)  The campaign became most real just this past weekend as I drove her around a corner, literally, in a convertible thru a parade.  What makes it or anything real, and not surreal I wonder, could simply be the point when the experience detaches from what was to be expected.   Suddenness.  Athletes often describe their experiences as beyond words.  Probably wise.

Working toward that point when the painting looks like something I wasn't originally working toward. 

Herein lies the challenge to a commission.  In this scenario I'm expected to paint what is supposed to resemble my paintings.  Fortunately, there are those gracious commissioners who encourage me to work in the manner I see fit.  Pheww.

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