Monday, April 13, 2015

more than a hundred

My nearest ocean is the gulf shore, a beach as salty and sandy as any.  We run to this edge.  We dive into it and dry off.  It is the boundary that outlines our continent that you can feel with your toes.     

Then we went to the mountains that pull you down on skis.  Automotive pleasure, mastering speedy movement without effort.  No walking, no time for slow thinking.

Abundance to my daughter means more than a hundred.  Seashells, snowflakes, stars, as well as cheerios.  I too am awed by scale, naturally the ocean and the rockies, but also by the marriott and fog.

I make more than a hundred decisions with small brushes to create an illusion of atmosphere and grandeur.  I have updated my website by placing selected pieces, both old and new, in a new order to see it in a new light.  Look around.

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